asana & Slack

asana < — –> Slack < — -> asana

Two way Integration

asana as: Project Management System

Slack as: Communication to clients as well as conversation with internal team

Usability of Integration:

  1. Manage Client Conversation Through Slack
  2. Individual Conversation with team members through Slack.
  3. Add task, assign Task, Comment on Task, Complete the task in asana without leaving the Slack.

How to Integrate:

  1. Login to asana
  2. Click on Help
  3. Select apps and integrations
  4. Select Slack from the app directory
  5. Scroll Down and click on Visit Slack if you already having the slack account or Sign up for a Slack account.
  6. Enter the Team URL.
  7. Enter Slack Login Credentials.
  8. Select Channel for the Posting or Create a new channel in Slack and click on Add asana integration.
  9. Choose Workspace and associated Project/s.
  10. Provide Descriptive label, if required.
  11. Customize icon, if want your own icon to be shown up in conversations in Slack.
  12. Customize Name, if you want a specific name to be shown when activities posted through this integration.
  13. Click on Save Integration.
  14. List of commands which can be used in Slack for the quick actions to be performed in asana without leaving the Slack, are given below.

Commands :

  1. To create a task: /asana add Create Demo
  2. To specify a project when creating your task: /asana add Create Demo to Project-1
  3. To assign the task to someone else when creating it: /asana add Create Demo to Project-1 @zapcreek
  4. To list all tasks in your workspace: /asana list
  5. To comment on a task: /asana comment ID Top priority!
  6. To complete a task: /asana complete ID [note]

help [ID= Task id]