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Client / Company who want their Infrastructure to move to AWS, must be having 3 major achieving points in mind

  1. Reduce cost of operations
  2. Increase IT Staff Productivity
  3. Reduce Downtime

“A recent whitepaper by IDC, shows the purchasers / users that migrate to AWS can experience 51% reduced costs of operations, 62% increased IT staff productivity, and 94% reductions in downtime.”

First thing first for the Migration strategy to be clear between you as a service provider and the client. AWS has clearly developed right kind of assessment tools for assessing the opportunities, because just by thinking of moving to AWS cloud will not help in achieving the main goals for companies which is – Reducing cost of operations, Increase Productivity and reduce downtime.

Step -1 To achieve this first thing is AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Assessment for the client. Which will give your client an idea of moving to the cloud into a detailed plan that follows AWS Professional Services best practices.

The AWS Cloud Adoption Readiness Tool (CART) helps organizations of all sizes develop efficient and effective plans for cloud adoption and enterprise cloud migrations.

  • 16-question
  • 6 perspectives
    • Business
    • People
    • Process
    • Platform
    • Operations
    • Security

What you can expect from the CART report : CART report includes a heatmap and radar chart with detailed scoring information and resources to assist your client to improve their cloud readiness score. This take-away report will help you plan and communicate with stakeholders. This tool is meant to assist organizations assess their progress with cloud adoption and identify gaps in organizational skills and processes.

Step -2 As a Service Provider you should perform an detailed review assessment for your client, who want to move to AWS by AWS Migration Readiness Assessment (MRA)

AWS Migration Readiness Assessment consists of 83 questions which help you to drive best practice to be followed for cloud adoption for your client. These 83 questions spanned over 8 different categories:

  • Business Case
  • Customer Migration Project Plan
  • Skills & COE
  • Landing Zone
  • Application Portfolio Discovery & Planning
  • Migration Process & Experience
  • Operating Model
  • Security & Compliance

This Migration Readiness Assessment for you client will help you set right parameters (Technical, People etc.) for achieving the goas for your client.

AWS Prescriptive Guidance – Evaluating migration readiness

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