Freshdesk & Slack

Create a new Ticket in Freshdesk from Slack Channel.

  • Pass the urgent issues to support desk at once from the Slack Channel.

Step 1 : Login to Freshdesk

Step 2 : Navigate to Admin Section

Step 3 : Click on “Get More Apps”

Step 4 : Select “Slack-New ” and Click on “Add to Slack”

Step 5 : Authentication window will open.

Step 6 : Enter URL for Slack Team for which Freshdesk Integration is required .

Step 7 : Enter Login credentials and click on Authorize.

Step 8 : after successful authorization configure channels in “Slack Settings” and click on “Install”

Step 9 : after successful authorization configure channels in “Slack Settings”.

Step 10 : Open Slack and Configure bot

Step 11 : Add Freshdeskbot as an member to Slack Channel/s.

Step 12 : To create ticket from Slack Channel, run the command “/create_fd_Ticket” and press “Enter”.

Note :

  • Ticket in Freshdesk will be created with last 200 conversation in the channel.
  • Create Dispatcher Rule in Freshdesk to mark Tickets as Urgent created from Slack .