Capacity Utilization of Services in Healthcare Facilities

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Healthcare Providers. Most healthcare facilities, irrespective of their size, have had a disturbance of their regular service pattern, and hospitals have experienced a drastic fall in patient attendance. In the larger hospitals, cancellation of elective procedures and scheduled follow-up visits for chronic conditions, cancer therapy, and non-urgent but significant conditions (such as dermatological and psychiatric disorders), has been the trend. Patients with acute problems other than suspected COVID-19 related manifestations have preferred not to seek medical help, and even regular Obstetrics, Well Baby, and Pediatric Immunization follow-ups have dropped to dangerous levels. The potential consequences of non-adherence to recommended follow-up schedules in specific disease and physiologic conditions has been highlighted by the WHO and National Health bodies in recent weeks.

Although Emergency services have seen fair traffic, the commonest conditions for which community members seek emergency help have dropped to almost non-existent levels; consequently, even the use of emergency services has dropped. Where hospitals were identified early on for the support of COVID-19 patients, Critical Care Units have been overburdened; not so, the Critical Care Units in non-COVID-19 hospitals.


This survey is therefore being undertaken to understand the dynamics of the impact on capacity utilization. This, in turn, will help support planning for bringing about the restoration of the needed balance, in the interests of averting further neglect of serious and chronic health conditions. Your cooperation is kindly solicited in facilitating this understanding.  

We will be pleased to share a comprehensive analytical report once the survey is completed. Meanwhile, on submitting information related to your healthcare facility, you will be able to gain an immediate objective custom report of your most-affected services, along with a fair estimate of the degree of impact. 

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