Workflow: asana, Freshdesk & Slack

Workflow which suits best for B2B Projects with the aim to Be more Efficient and Productive with Small Team.

A. asana & Slack Integration:

Client communication Started and reach at the point of formalization (Project locked or not that is different scenario). Client communication reached at the point to start with for example demo; this required work from the internal team.

  • Create Slack channel fro the Client and invite embers at client side in the Slack channel, who are going to be the part of the discussion.
  • Project creation and task assigning in asana or same can be done from the Slack Chanel created for internal Team.
  • Comment on task , communicate with the team member with in the channel as well as individually, compete the task without leaving the Slack .
  • The idea is from very first day be one page with Team at client side and as well as internal Team.

Slack Commands for asana

  1. To create a task: /asana add Create Demo
  2. To specify a project when creating your task: /asana add Create Demo to Project-1
  3. To assign the task to someone else when creating it: /asana add Create Demo to Project-1
  4. To list all tasks in your workspace: /asana list
  5. To comment on a task: /asana comment ID Top priority!
  6. To complete a task: /asana complete ID [note]

help [ID= Task id]

B. Freshdesk & asana Integration

Project Started, so as the support will be started. That will be taken care by Customer Support Team. wherever intervention of internal team required forward the ticket to the Project email id; task will be created in asana under the defined Project . Internal Team Members does not require to be on Freshdesk, cost for the extra user license can be saved and the communication at client side can be only done by support team.

Task created in asana by Freshdesk then can be assigned to appropriate team member and when these task are closed in Freshdesk can be mark as completed in asana by the customer Support Team member who will be working on the same ticket/resolving the same ticket. This seems hectic for the support team member to first close the ticket in Freshdesk and then complete the task in asana ; but this won’t take much time and effort to do so, when it’s done simultaneously and on daily basis, this won’t pile up.

Idea of creating this bridge is to make internal team focused at one place where they have to report or work; by this there is less chance of having the answers like this ‘I haven’t seen there’, ‘I haven’t seen the email’ etc. They have the focus on work and they have only one place to report or update things.

Less Distraction, More Focused

3. Slack & Freshdesk Integration

Once the project has been Started all the issues are being reported through Support Desk, in this case Freshdesk. But sometimes there are issues which can be Reported by Client team which are in decisive state and that should be taken as high priority, so these points should be moved to fresh desk for the resolution at once with high priority. As there is integration already available between Freshdesk & asana; once ticket is being created through Slack channel. to do can be also created in asana if required. This provide the visibility to solve the issue at both level whether it requires the intervention of internal team or not.

Slack Commands for freshdesk : /create_fd_ticket